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Regardless of whether you’re a pro or an amateur athlete, having the right kind of gear can give you the edge over your opponents. But, there’s an even more important reason why buying a good pair of sports shoes is necessary – safety!

Every sport is about fund and competitiveness, but sometimes things can get rough. In the heat of the moment, your opponent might not be 100% cautious, risking to cause you an injury. The same goes vice versa. As the experience has shown, most common types of injuries are those inflicted on feet and legs.

The good news is that you can lower the risk of injury simply by getting yourself a good pair of shoes! Here, at Sport Gurus, the offer is massive! Our aim is to review as many shoes as possible, so that you, the user, will have enough information to make the very best choice!

One thing is certain, though – we have no intention of wasting our time on reviewing shoes that are poor quality. In fact, you can be sure that each shoe model reviewed on our website is superb. Feel free to choose any shoes in our offer, as it’s guaranteed it will provide you with the utmost safety, comfort, and performances.

Best Wrestling Shoes at Sport Gurus

Getting the best wrestling shoes on the market is essential if you want to achieve success in professional wrestling. The same goes for amateur wrestlers, who need shoes that will keep them injury-free. Although you probably don’t associate wrestling with feet and leg injuries, they do happen a lot. For example, without a proper pair of wrestling boots, a wrestler is risking to get his toenails mangled or his toes broken.

Apart from preventing feet injuries, good wrestling shoes will also keep your ankles stable, preventing any problems, such as sprains. Another reason why this is a good thing is that such a shoe will provide you with stability on the court. Your opponent won’t be able to use this against you.

Speaking of the performances, the best wrestling shoes will also prevent any slipping. Who knows how many times a slippery floor was responsible for good wrestlers losing important matches. The good news is that those days are long gone, as now wrestlers can use shoes with slip-free soles.


Our number 1 pick:


ASICS Men's Omniflex-Attack V2.0 Wrestling Shoe

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Choosing the Best Shoe for Your Needs

You can be sure that whichever shoe you choose from our site, you won’t make a bad choice! We, the Sport Gurus, only review the shoes that deserve to be called the best! All of them are super-comfortable to wear, not to mention that they will keep you stable when you need it the most. The best thing is that each of these shoe models is made of the finest materials, meaning that they’re bound to serve you well for ages!

Still, different shoes are designed for different purposes. For example, if you’re into Greco-Roman wrestling, perhaps it’s best to stay away from those designed for freestyle wrestling or sambo.

Furthermore, your choice also should depend on how often you’re planning to use the shoes. If you need a pair that will be both your training and competition shoes, you need to choose an appropriate model.

If you’re planning to use them for other purposes, apart from wrestling, you need to take that into consideration as well. For example, some people use the same pair of shoes for weight lifting and wrestling. That might be the good solution, but only if you bought the right kind of shoes!

How to Know If Shoes Are Good?

The chances are that you probably didn’t have too much experience in finding the best wrestling shoes. If you’re not an expert on these kinds of shoes, there is no need to worry – finding the perfect ones is not that difficult.

The easiest way to find a good pair of shoes is to look at their logo. If the shoes are manufactured by a respectable brand, you can be sure that they will serve you well for years. This is because some companies specialize in creating nothing but the best shoes for wrestling.

One of those companies is Otomix! This manufacturer specializes in designing superb wrestling shoes. Apart from design, they also pay special attention that all the materials used for the shoes are top-quality. Because of that, Otomix has become synonymous with quality in the world of wrestling equipment.

Unlike Otomix, which focuses exclusively on manufacturing wrestling shoes, brands like Nike, Reebok, Asics, and Adidas, manufacture all kinds of sports equipment. They might not be known for wrestling shoes, but the shoes made by these brands are simply flawless.

Here, at Sport Gurus, we’re offering only the shoes manufactured by the most reputable brands, including those mentioned above. What this means is that you can freely browse our offer, as all of the shoes there are simply flawless.

How Much a Good Pair of Wrestling Shoes Costs?

Even if you’re a professional wrestler, you surely don’t want to spend a fortune on a single pair of shoes. The good news is that you can find a huge number of amazing shoes at very affordable prices. In fact, most of the shoes in our offer belong to that category.

The best thing is that even the wrestling legends, athletes who have won Olympic medals, are not using too expensive shoes. This means that you can compete at the top level, even with a pair of shoes that do not cost more than a few hundred dollars.

In fact, you can find a number of amazing wrestling shoes for the price below 100 dollars. Feel free to browse our shoe reviews at Sport Gurus and you will be able to find affordable shoes that have all the features you need for wrestling.

Wrestling Shoe Design

You can be certain that each pair of shoes in our offer deserves to be called the best. What this means is that you don’t have to think too much about which pair to get. All of them will provide you with stability and comfort, as well as the ultimate safety.

So, in order to save your time, you can make the decision based on the design of the shoe. Simply choose the shoe pair that you believe is the most beautiful. Whatever your taste might be, you can be sure that you’ll find the wrestling shoes that you like on our website! And if you have problems making up your mind, feel free to get in touch with us, as we’ll be glad to provide you with suggestions.

Best Boxing Shoes at Sport Gurus


Our number 1 pick:


Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

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Shoes are a required piece of equipment for professional boxing. Same as you won’t be able to compete without boxing gloves, you’re also not allowed to enter the ring without shoes on your feet. The main reason why this is the case is safety.

Although leg punches are forbidden in this sport, some injuries would happen more often if the boxers weren’t wearing shoes. For example, twisted ankle would be a serious concern. The same goes for toe injuries, and so on.

Furthermore, a good pair of boxing shoes will allow the boxer to focus on punches, without worrying about balance. Without a proper pair of shoes, the boxers would be constantly worrying about keeping their balance and not slipping in the crucial moment.

But, all of this is only true if the boxer has a quality pair of shoes. Such boxing shoes also need to be comfy and lightweight. In fact, the boxer needs to feel as there was nothing on their feet while in the ring. The problem is that finding the shoes that fit the description is not that easy to find.

Luckily for you, you’re at the right place! Sport Gurus is the website that deals with nothing but the best boxing shoes currently on the market. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional boxer, you can browse our website to look for the pair of shoes that will suit you the best. There’s one thing you should know – whichever pair you choose, you won’t make a bad decision!

Finding Your Ideal Pair of Boxing Shoes

You can take your boxing skills to a whole new level just by getting a quality pair of boots! Don’t think that’s possible? Well, you should know that with a good set of shoes you will have nothing to worry about feet injuries, which means that you can totally focus on your boxing skills.

You won’t have to worry about slipping in the crucial moment, as the best boxing shoes have the sole that’s designed to provide traction in the ring. When looking for your perfect boxing shoes, you also need to pay attention that they’re comfortable. What’s the point of slip-free shoes if they’re going to give you blisters?

On top of that, you need to make sure the shoes are lightweight, so that you will be able to “fly like a butterfly” around the ring. Finally, your ideal boxing shoes also need to look nice. You need to proudly wear them when stepping up to your opponent.

Best Boxing Shoe Brands

There’s one thing we need to make clear – all of the boxing shoes on our website are simply amazing. In order to ensure the quality of our offer, we included only the shoes manufactured by the most-reputable brands on the planet.

Those brands include famous sports equipment manufacturers like Nike or Reebok. These companies make all kinds of shoes for all sorts of sports, including boxing. The best thing about the products manufactured by these companies is that they’re top quality.

They’re designed to feel comfortable on your feet, not to mention that the materials used are extremely durable. What this means is that once you buy a pair of shoes made by Nike, Reebok, Adidas, or some other famous brand, you won’t need to get another pair anytime soon!

Apart from these brands, our offer also contains shoes made by companies like Rival Boxing and Title Boxing. What makes them awesome is that these manufacturers specialize in making boxing shoes, which you’ve probably already figured out from their names.

How Much Should You Pay for a Pair of Good Boxing Shoes?

Know that even the A-class boxers like Anthony Joshua are not wearing shoes that cost millions. In fact, they are using boxing shoes that you too probably can afford. There’s really no need to spend all of your savings on a pair of shoes, because you can get them at much, much affordable prices.

Feel free to browse our website, as you can find a number of amazing boxing shoes in our offer, all of which do not cost too much. You will probably be able to find a model that fits all your criteria, including the one related to the price tag!

Making Your Decision

Most of the boxing shoes that you’ll find on our website don’t differ much in terms of performances. All of them are very stable, preventing your feet from slipping in the crucial moment. They are also very comfortable to wear, providing you with superb cushioning and air-ventilation. All this means that you have nothing to worry about blisters or any other kind of discomfort.

On top of that, all of the boxing shoes on our website are made of materials that last for a long time. What this means is that once you buy them, you won’t have to buy another pair for years. The shoes won’t disappoint you by tearing apart or getting damaged in some other way.

That said, you can’t make a wrong choice regardless of the shoe model you decide to buy. Because of that, you can feel free to pick the pair that looks the best to you. There are lots of different shoe designs available on the market, in all sorts of color combinations – all you got to do is choose the one that you like the most!

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes at Sport Gurus

The aim of our website is to provide users with useful information about sports equipment, particularly shoes for wrestling, boxing, and soccer.  If you listen to our advices, you can be certain that you will be able to find the very best pair of shoes for the sport you engage in.

When it comes to the indoor soccer shoes, making the right decision on which model to buy is not that easy! Why? For a simple reason – there are literally hundreds of thousands of different shoes on sale at the moment. You surely don’t have enough time to browse the whole offer, so how are you supposed to find your best soccer shoes?

Well, the answer is simple – leave the hard work to Spot Gurus! Our passion has always been dealing with sports equipment. Over the years we’ve learned a number of insiders’ tricks on how to spot a good pair of shoes. You will be glad to hear that we’re willing to share our shoe-finding tips with you!

Our number 1 pick: 


Nike Men's HyperVenomX Proximo II DF IC Indoor Soccer Shoes


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How to Find the Best Shoes for Soccer?

Of course, even the best soccer boots can’t turn you into a new Lionel Messi. Still, without a proper pair of shoes on your feet, you won’t be able to reach your full potential. The chances that you will slip are high if you don’t have proper shoes.

On top of that, you should know that with bad shoes on your feet, the risk of injuries is high. For example, if the shoe doesn’t provide enough cushioning, you are bound to feel pain in your foot each time you hit the ball hard!

All of this shows the importance of making the right choice when picking your new soccer shoes. The good news is that we are here to help you out. By checking the shoe reviews on our site, you will be able to find a pair that will help you unleash your soccer talent that you might not even knew existed.

Although each shoe that we reviewed on our site definitely deserves your attention, you still need to make the choice according to the exact purpose you’re planning to use them. For example, if you’re an amateur who likes playing soccer with friends on a semi-regular basis, you choice should be a comfy shoe that looks nice and does not cost too much.

Best Soccer Shoe Brands

If you take a look at what professional futsal players are wearing, you will see that their shoes are manufactured by top brands like Nike and Adidas. Obviously, if those shoes are good for the best indoor soccer players of all times, they are guaranteed to suit you nicely as well.

By choosing boots made by a famous brand, you are ensuring that they will serve you really well for a long time. You can be sure that the shoes manufactured by reputable brands are made of top-class materials. This means that they won’t wear off even if you play indoor soccer on a daily basis.

On top of that, buying a pair of shoes made by Nike or Adidas means that you won’t have to worry about injuring your feet. Such shoes are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and cushioning. Running for hours and hitting the ball often will not make your feet sore. In fact, you probably won’t feel any discomfort.

How Much Should You Pay for a Pair of Good Soccer Shoes?

Even the highest earning futsal players, who are making millions of dollars a year, are not wearing soccer shoes that cost a fortune. In fact, most of the high-quality shoes for indoor soccer can be found at prices that almost anyone can afford. You would need to look really hard in order to find a pair of shoes that cost more than a couple hundred dollars.

Furthermore, you should know that you can find all kinds of amazing shoes for even less than a hundred dollars. In fact, we, at the Sport Gurus website, believe that the best soccer shoes should not cost too much, which is why our reviews are mostly focused on affordable products.

We guarantee that by listening to our advices, you will be able to find amazing soccer shoes, without spending too much of your money!

Choosing the Right Model of Indoor Soccer Shoes

Although the offer is huge, finding the best shoes should not be that difficult, but only if you know what you’re looking for! You want a pair of soccer shoes that have a firm toe, so that your feet wouldn’t’ hurt each time you slam the football with all you got.

The instep is another important part of the shoe, which needs your attention. It needs to be soft and flexible, so that you will feel comfortable even when running on flat surface, such as the one used for indoor soccer. On top of that, the shoe needs to provide proper cushioning so that the soles of your feet wouldn’t hurt after hours spent running over hard surface.

Speaking of the futsal court, you should know that it can be slippery sometimes. That is why you need to get yourself a pair of soccer shoes that are slip-resistant. It’s all about the outsole, which needs to be made of rubber (or a similar non-slip material). The design of the outsole is another very important factor! It needs to provide you with a lot of traction, so that you would remain stable all the time.

Hopefully, reading the reviews on our website will help you find the ideal indoor soccer sneakers, thus improving your performance in the arena. But, if you can’t make up your mind, know that we’re always here to help you. Just email and we will come back to you with a couple suggestions that are bound to suit your needs and wishes!